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What we do

Mission statement: ‘Reducing the harm to individuals and the community by supporting people through each stage of addiction’ Our role is to support individuals and families from the Dublin 17 area, in addressing problems or issues that they are experiencing as a result of drug or alcohol use. The Dales works from a harm reduction philosophy and there are few constraints imposed on people using the service. The Dales operates an ‘Open Door’ policy and people are free to walk in to meet staff and talk. We provide One to One support and Care Planning for individuals who need support around their drug or alcohol use. We have fully qualified and accredited staff offering counselling and psychotherapy. We provide a full-body acupuncture service by a fully accredited acupuncturist. We also run a number of groups on a weekly basis to support people in the areas of * Alcohol *Trauma & addiction * Helping people to reduce their drug/alcohol use.


Unit 3/4, Darndale Village Campus, Darndale, Dublin 17

Entry Requirements

We work with individuals and families from the Dublin 17 area who are affected by problematic drugs and alcohol use.
Our services are free of charge.

Contact Details

Dermot Gough
Phone 087 905 0683
Email dermot@thedalescentre.ie

Other Contacts

Assistant Manager and Support
Julie Ryan

Phone 01-848 7733

Email julie@thedalescentre.ie

Addiction Support, 
Anne Sweeney

Phone 089 241 4289 (phone or text)


Addiction Support,
Claire Gannon

Phone 089 601 0673 (phone or text)

Email claire@thedalescentre.ie

Addiction Support 
Christopher Tuite

Phone 01 8487733

Email christopher@thedalescentre.ie

Main Recption

Phone 01 848 7733

Email info@thedalescentre.ie

Other Information

Dales Centre Provides

One to One Support

– Key working

– Care Planning

– Case Management

– Psychotherapy/Counselling


Day Programme, which consists of psychoeducational classes and therapeutic classes on a weekly basis. Contact The Dales for more information

Alcohol Group

Narcotics Anonymous meetings twice weekly on Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7.00pm

Crisis intervention

– All of our staff are trained in ASIST suicide prevention programme, people in crisis can attend anytime without appointment.

Family Support

– For people within the family, who are affected by addiction 


Working closely with other agencies is an important part of what we do, as we aim to get the best possible service available to our clients.

The Dales currently has no waiting list, and all of our services are free and confidential.

we have outreach/In reach offices in 

  •  Northside partnership (Tuesday afternoon)
  • Belmayne Hub (Thursday morning )
  • Clongriffen Hub (Friday morning )                         

All these are walk in services