D17 Assertive Case Management Team (D17 ACT)

What we do

D17 ACT is new drug and alcohol outreach support service based in the Dublin 17 area. We are an integrated outreach service for adults and young people, in the Northeast Dublin area with a focus on the catchment area of Darndale, Moatview and Belcamp. We engage with all individuals in particular the “Hard to reach people’ who may not be accessing services. We can offer appropriate referral and progression pathways for individuals through outreach, case management, detached work, advocacy work and interagency structures and linkages.

The service is located at Office Number 2, First floor, side of village centre, Dublin 17 which is over the angel shop in the Belcamp Village centre. We work with all ages from 14+. We conduct outreach in Darndale, Moatview and Belcamp numerous times throughout the day to build up relationships with people living in the community and to inform people of the supports we can offer. We are identifiable when completing outreach as we have bright red jackets with D17 ACT written across the back in bold white writing. If you need support give us a call.


Office No.2 first floor,
Darndale Belcamp Village Centre,
Dublin 17.

Contact Details

Team Leader: Sinead Maguire, 083 0108277

Case Manager: Kim Walton, 083 0108296

Case Manager: Derek Cooney, 083 0107975

Case Manager: Karen Shevlin, 083 0108136

Case Manager/ Recovery Coach: Daniel Jones, 083 0107903