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Donnycarney Drug & Alcohol Service

What we do

The Donnycarney Drug & Alcohol Team works with all service users regardless of their substance of choice to support them in their journey towards a drug or alcohol free lifestyle. We offer groups such as STEP’s, SMART Recovery, Womens Group as well as pro-social activities.


Donnycarney Youth Project CLG, Le Cheile, Collins Ave East, Donnycarney, Dublin 5

Entry Requirements

Methadone Clinic – you need to be a resident in the Donnycarney area.
Programmes including SMART Recovery, STEPS etc – you can avail of all of these services provided you reside in the Dublin North East Drugs Task Force Area.
Please check with the project directly for more information.

Contact Details

Lorraine Stewart
Phone 01 831 4985 / 01 851 0378
Email lstewart@dyp.ie

Other Contacts

Addiction & Family Team Leader
Jennifer McAsey

Phone 0866036507

Email jen@dyp.ie

Other Information

The Drug Team offers the following

  • One to one support services
  • Keyworking
  • Group Work
  • Advocacy
  • Information/Advice
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Outreach
  • Cocaine Poly Drug Use Evening programme
  • Family Support
  • Pre-CE courses
  • Methadone maintenance programme in conjunction with the HSE Satellite Clinic
  • Health Promotion
  • CE Scheme
  • Sessional Counselling
  • Referral Services
  • STEPS Programme
  • SMART Recovery

STEPS Programme

The STEPS Programme is a 6 to 8 week personal development course which is QQ1 accredited. Please contact Mark to put your name down for the next STEPS group.


StabilisationGroup runs in 12 week blocks, twice a week. Stabilisation group provides Psycho education underpinned by the principles of Relapse prevention and Recovery capitol (triggers, urges, self-regulation skills and self-development material).

Smart Recovery

Smart Recovery is a peer led support group that runs every Thursday evening from 6-8pm. SMART Recovery stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART is a science-based and sensible 4-point Program. SMART uses REBT to Build and maintain motivation, learn how to cope with triggers, cravings and urges, Managing thughts, feelings and behaviours and living a balanced life.

HSE Satellite Prescription Clinic

The Donnycarney Satellite Clinic is operated by the HSE and supported by the staff of the Donnycarney Youth Project Drug Team. The Doctor, Nurse, Counsellor & General Assistance operate a prescription clinic once a week on the premises. Referrals may be made to the clinic for those living in the locality, (in general the parish of Donnycarney). Clients are upon assessment referred to a community pharmacy for dispensing.