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THIS IS NOW CLOSED This course focuses on introducing participants to current debates on addiction. On completion, participants will have become familiar with contemporary addiction theory as well as prevention and treatment strategies. They will have explored associated issues such as public policy, factual information on substance misuse, gender issues and community drug prevention. For more information please copy and paste the following link: https://www.nuim.ie/adult-and-community-education/our-courses

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The Task Force will run a Diploma in Addiction Studies in 2017/2018.

The course will be open to any student who has completed the Certificate in Addiction Studies through the Task Force.

Application are NOT open at this time so please check back for further information.

NOTE: On March 1st at 5pm the Task Force will hold a focus group with NUI Maynooth to discuss the course and venue. If you have completed the Certificate course through the Task Force and are interested completing the Diploma 2017/2018 please call 01-8465070 to book your place at the focus group.